The beauty of the Himalayan mountain range entices adventurers and environment lovers as the winter season covers Northern India in a stunning covering of snow. Delhi to Auli is a treasure that sticks out among the many other places. Situated in Uttarakhand’s Garhwal area, this charming hill station provides an amazing diversion from the busy metropolis of Delhi. Go on a virtual adventure with us as we go from the busy capital city to the tranquil heights of Auli, a snow-covered wonderland just waiting to be discovered.

Delhi: The Starting Point

Delhi, India’s cultural center, is where our journey starts. We are traveling to a peaceful place, but the busy streets, historical sites, and varied cultures of this metropolis stand in stark contrast. Delhi is the ideal starting point for our journey because of its unique blend of modernity and history.

It’s time to pack our bags for the tranquil highlands after spending a day or two touring Delhi’s historical landmarks, indulging in its delectable cuisine, and soaking in the energy of the city.

The Beautiful Drive to Auli

Taking a combination of roads and cable cars is the most popular way to get to Auli from Delhi. It takes about 12 to 14 hours to complete the route, but every mile you go offers a stunning view of the change from urban to Himalayan scenery.

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  • Drive from Delhi to Rishikesh: Rishikesh is a charming town tucked away on the banks of the Ganges River. This is where our adventure begins. It’s an exhilarating trip through Uttarakhand’s gorgeous countryside to get to Rishikesh. You might pause along the route to take in the calm splendor of Haridwar, another sacred city.
  • Joshimath to Rishikesh: The route winds its way through the mountains from Rishikesh, making several curves and turns before arriving at the town. Views of the Alaknanda River, thick forests, and charming villages may be seen throughout this portion of the route. As you ascend, the air becomes crisper and the Himalayas’ natural splendor becomes more apparent.
  • The Auli Ropeway from Joshimath to Auli: The Auli Ropeway is the most convenient way to go to Auli from Joshimath. With its expansive vistas of the neighboring mountains, this cable car is among the longest in Asia. You may go from the base station to the snow-capped heights of Auli in about 20 minutes by cable car, which is an adventure in and of itself.

Auli: A Winter Paradise

Discovering a picture-perfect, snow-covered environment straight out of a fairy tale is what awaits you as soon as you exit the cable car. Known for its excellent skiing conditions, Auli is frequently dubbed the “Skiing Capital of India.” The huge area of snow, encircled by towering hills, serves as a playground for fans of winter sports.


  • Skiing in Auli: Auli offers something to offer skiers of all skill levels, as well as those just starting out. Skiers of all skill levels can find instruction, gear, and well-kept slopes at the Auli Ski Resort.
  • Gurso Bugyal: A hike to Gurso Bugyal is essential for anyone seeking a more laid-back snow experience. Only a few kilometers from Auli, this meadow provides an amazing perspective of Nanda Devi, the second-highest peak in India. Walking through the trees covered with snow is a once-in-a-lifetime event.
  • Artificial Lake at Auli: Auli is well-known for its man-made lake, which serves as a source for artificial snowmaking on the slopes. The sight of the lake encircled by snow-capped peaks is utterly captivating.
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The Yatra Connection of Char Dham

Auli is very spiritual in addition to being a winter paradise. It is a stop on Uttarakhand’s Char Dham Yatra circuit. Joshimath and Auli are on the route to Badrinath, one of the Char Dhams. Travelers who wish to receive blessings from one of Hinduism’s holiest temples, Badrinath Temple, frequently travel this route.

Accommodations and Dining Options in Auli

Auli offers a variety of lodging choices, from affordable motels and guesthouses to opulent resorts. You can choose a more rustic experience or a pleasant stay with modern facilities, depending on your interests and budget.


Eating at Auli is a culinary delight. The local eateries and resorts offer a wide selection of Indian and international cuisines. Remember to sample some Kumaoni and Garhwali dishes to acquire a flavor of the local cuisine.

The Ideal Time to Go to Auli

While you may visit Auli all year round, the winter, from November to March, is when you’ll want to take in its charming snowy atmosphere. At this time of year, the area is completely blanketed in snow, creating ideal conditions for winter sports like skiing.


Auli is a nature lover’s and adventure seeker’s heaven with its stunning scenery, snow-covered slopes, and tranquil atmosphere. Traveling from the busy capital city of Delhi to the serene heights of the Himalayas is an adventure in and of itself. Everyone may find something to enjoy in Auli, regardless matter whether they are passionate skiers or just seeking a tranquil mountain getaway. Thus, gather your belongings, set out on this amazing adventure, and discover the enchantment of Auli — a pristine, snow-covered haven just awaiting discovery.


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